Dream or reality – can we achieve wireless power transfer safely and efficiently?——Aiguo Patrick HU教授


报告题目:Dream or reality – can we achieve wireless power transfer safely and efficiently

报 告 人:Aiguo Patrick HU 教授





Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) has drawn wide attentions of both academic researchers and design engineers due to the clear need of WPT for movable devices or other special applications where direct wire connections are difficult or impossible. However, the current WPT technologies are mainly to achieve contactless power transfer, and it is questionable whether WPT can be achieved safely and efficiently over long distances on the earth. This talk will relate to the presenter’s personal research experience to review the fundamental theories behind wireless power transfer technologies for IPT (Inductive Power Transfer), CPT (Capacitive Power Transfer), and UPT (Ultrasonic Power Transfer) systems, and discuss their fundamental features, challenges, and development trends.


Dr. Aiguo Patrick HU graduated from Xian JiaoTong University, China, with BE and ME degrees in 1985 and 1988 respectively. He received his Ph.D from the University of Auckland in 2001 before he served as a lecturer, the director of China Italy Cooperative Technical Training Center in Xian, and the general manager of a technical development company. Funded by Asian2000 Foundation he visited NUS (National Univ of Singapore) for a semester as an exchange postdoc research fellow. Patrick is a leading researcher in wireless power technologies. He holds over 20 patents in wireless/contactless power transfer and microcomputer control technologies, published more than 200 peer reviewed journal and conference papers with more than 5800 citations, authored the first monograph on wireless inductive power transfer technology, and contributed 6 book chapters on inductive power transfer modeling/control as well as electrical machines.

Prof Patrick Hu is with the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Software Engineering, the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He also serviced as the Head of Research of PowerbyProxi Ltd, as well as guest professor of Xian Jiaotong Univ, ChongQing Univ and TaiYuan Univ of Technology, China. He has been a foreign expert reviewer of 973 projects for Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, and assessor of ChangJiang Scholars for Ministry of Education. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, the former Chairman of IEEE NZ Power Systems/Power Electronics Chapter and Chairman of NZ North Section, and he also he served as Secretary/Treasurer of NZ Chinese Scientists Association, and now the president. His research interests include wireless/contactless power transfer systems, and application of power electronics in renewable energy systems.